Tim Jack Quiz

Tim Jack is...
half animal half Pierce Brosnan
able to talk with elderly eagles
a musician who cant read music
a super saiyan
Tim Jack's fashion sense is...
often a topic of discussion on local reddit threads
a reflection of his brooding and mysterious nature
a form of peacocking used to attract potential mates in the wild
best described as hand-me-down-chic
Tim Jacks lovemaking style is...
passionate and perplexing
life altering and vexing
strangley int-tresting
I am uncomfortable
Tim Jack once...
Got arrested in Latvia and was beaten by Swedish renta cops on a cruise ship in the hull
pretended he was 18 so he could sing Kareoke in some town in Wisconsin and totally tore the freakin house down and felt kinda weird after
almost forgot how good he was on Tinder
All of the above
Tim Jack wants most...
World Peace
To be Jason Mraz's bff
To find his true self
To spend his brief time digging on existence, and being grateful for earth, and loving a few people really well, and making good tunes, being friends with Jason Mraz