I recently hit a new power level as a Developer. It's over 9000 as a matter of fact. Therefore, I have decided to redesign my site reflective of the continually evolving narrative that is my life. Stay tuned as I turn a simple website into a work of fiction.

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Chapter 1 | Music

For some, it is difficult to feel a sense of spirituality in their lives. By definition, spirituality is a subjective experience which exempts itself from scientific inquiry. For many, this is a deal breaker. For others, a sense of connection to something greater, mysterious, indescribable, exists as a central theme in their lives. They feel the benefits that come from transcending the limited perspective of self.

I see value and wisdom in both. Music is how I lose myself, and ironically, also how I gain perspective. It’s one of the gifts I was born with and would be unable to live without. I believe that everyone can relate to this in some way.

Below are the albums I have made thus far. I recommend starting from "beginner" first.

Here are some quick standout tracks.

Love In Colours

Tim Jack


Chapter 2 | Development
Chapter 3 | Storytelling
Chapter 4 | Epilogue
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