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How To Go Bald by Tim Jack Wilkins
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It’s true, your balding. The protein rich mane of your youth is disintegrating into thin wispy shells of their former follicles. The superficial zeal of youth is becoming an undeniable artifact of your past. This follicular recession is slowly revealing to you the hourglass nature you’ve genetically inherited and it has a catchy name too: Male pattern baldness.

What you you do? How you should you feel? Should you shrug your shoulders in pitiful resignation to nature’s clenching fist? Should you take up arms, Rogaine in one hand, and a delicately balanced comb ready to initiate a last-resort-come-over in the other?

Maybe you can pull off a Bruce willis or a Jason Statom or a Vin diesel. Maybe that could be come the new you now. Totally shaved head. No one would fault you for it, hell some women may even find it kinda sexy.

So what should you do my balding friend, how should you deal?

I’ll tell you. You deal with it stoically, gently, with quiet dignity and begin to reorient the importance of your physical appearance on who you are and why you matter. Its understandable that you’d attempting to slow this process, however beware the silent fury of attempting to control the things you can’t… and letting trivial things become demons. Because they will, if you let them. Your hair, your eye color, your nose, your body shape, your facial symmetry, the depth of your voice, the curviness of your body, the size of your dick, or breasts, chin or chest, these are all trivial things that perniciously distract from whats really important if you let them.

You are balding my friend. You too are imperfect, fragile, subject to minor tragedy, and now must accept yourself in your new vulnerability. The trick is too realize that this is where your strength has always lied. In having Nothing to hide. In disarming yourself. Letting yourself be unapologetically human, warts and still claiming yourself worthy of all of its gifts.

This is an opportunity.

Your balding my friend, use it wisely.