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16 Things I Am Excited About In 2016 by Tim Jack Wilkins

The older I get and the more years of experience I accrue, the more I find that I am excited about the possibilities of what yet another year may bring.

As 2016 begins, it’s easy to get bummed out by the crappy things that dominate the media. Yes ISIS exists, and they are scary as hell. Yes, we have an insanely Xenophobic presidential candidate with ridiculous hair, and an over infatuation with the sexual attractiveness of his daughter.

Pop culture has a tendency to force feed us the most extreme and sensationalized versions of things, and these views represent only about 5% of the population. It’s important to remember that by and large people are good, life is simple, and the beauty of the world far outweighs the ugly.

With that said, here are 15 reasons I am excited for 2016.

1. Challenging My Comfort Zone

If I had a box labeled “Tim’s biggest secret to leveling up”, then written on a small piece of paper inside you would find the words “Fear and Avoidance is the Path to Misery, Vulnerability and Action is the Path to Freedom.” This is most important discovery I have made thus far. In fact, the most transformative moments of my life on some level, have all required that I take a risk, face a fear, or stick my neck out on the proverbial guillotine for the sake of my own growth. In 2016, I plan on betting on myself, investing in my potential, and challenging my comfort zone on the reg.

2. Pursuing Goals For Myself Alone

For a long time I wanted to accomplish things so that people I care about would be proud of me. I thought there was something I had to “do” in order to be good enough, and in that process of trying to be successful, I numbed out my own inner voice. I see now that there’s nobody to impress, and that the only approval I really need comes from myself. The goals I set for 2016 are mine and mine alone and I am looking forward to working toward them on my own terms.

3. Loving Relentlessly

I have a few examples in my life of people that embody Love in such a way that I can help but be moved and inspired be give more of it myself. There is a sense of authenticity and struggle in their expression, and a relentless commitment to believing in their own inherent value. Love is a continually evolving concept for me, but I believe that it largely exists in the process of refining and pushing yourself toward your own potential. I feel that this inner work reflects outwardly, and that a better world is always a byproduct of your relationship with yourself.

4. Working At A Great Company

Alas, at 26 I feel ready to give up the life of serial employment, and dedicate myself to a job that can provide me with financial security AND the ability to contribute and grow. Yea bro, I want it all. Plus, I finally feel I have the skills to give back in meaningful way, and am excited to work and learn alongside other like minded individuals. And to pay rent. On time.

5. Admitting My Faults

This once made me queazy. I didn’t see the value in showing people my rough edges and less than admirable traits because I thought it made weak. I have come to learn the opposite. Admitting your limitations, having a working knowledge of where you need improvement and being comfortable that these are just different aspects of your humanity will endear you to people more than ever before.

6. Trying Out Stand Up Comedy

This is the latest and scariest thing that I could think to attempt, and therefore, I am definitely going to try it. See Number 1.

7. Writing My Second Album

I wrote and released my first album “Love In Colours” as SPEC about 6 months ago. It catalogued the heartbreak, confusion, suffering, and ultimately, the acceptance one experiences when a relationship ends. Having closed that chapter, I feel inspired in a new direction and have something else I want to say with my music. I am excited to see what other songs 2016 will hold.

8. Lovemakin’ (bon chikka wow wow)


Lots of this.

9. Writing

Writing has been something I have enjoyed since I was young. I look forward in 2016 to refining my writing style and sharing my ideas.

10. Coding

I used to think passion was something you needed to “find”. Coding is proof to myself that passion is something that develops naturally from engaging in an activity that you can continually improve at. Coding is the passion I developed in adulthood. I look forward to challenging myself and getting better as a Front End Developer professionally and creatively. My remote controlled heated underwear app is gonna change everything.

11. Getting Closer with my Family

Eventually we all grow up and realize that Mom and Dad are people too, and that it is our job to define who we are separate from our family. Paradoxically, I think this distancing oneself creates an ability to connect with our family members in a more real, objective, and less judgmental way. In 2016, I look forward to getting to know my family members better as individuals.

12. Forgetting Myself

The best moments I can think of with people always come when I lose myself in the interaction. I forget that there is a disconnect, that I have my own worries, insecurities, and hangups, and allow myself to fully take the perspective of the person I am engaged with. It’s during those times when I am not trying, that I find I am thinking the clearest, having the deepest insights, and making the most meaningful connections. In 2016, I want to forget about “me” so much, and focus more on losing myself in the service of the moment.

13. Starting a new life

As of this moment, I’ve lived in San Diego for 18 hours. This is the first time I have ever truly gone out on my own to create a life for myself. In 2016, I want to create an environment that involves community, self-expression, and a sense of

14. Getting Punched In The Face

I recently discovered a love for boxing. It’s a great workout, teaches you self-defense, and helps in your sparring matches with your older brother during the holidays. In 2016, I’m gonna practice my one-two and take my boxing skillz to the next level.

15. Failing

Failing at something means I tried and most likely learned something new. In 2016, I’m excited to up my failing game, knowing the it will be indirectly forming my future successes.

16. Whatever Is Next

To what has been: Thank You. To whats to come: Yes.

These are my top 16 reasons to be excited in 2016. What are yours?